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Hunting for Treasure...

Treasure Hunt is such a confetti heavy pattern that it seems to be taking a long time to get not much done!  I admire anyone braving the whole chart!  Page number three of the cropped section is now finished and I'm just over halfway through page four.  There are ten pages all up.

Previous progress:

The project was not fitting on my q-snap frame well (I had to hold it with the longer length as the height, which just felt weird) so I went a hunting for my old scroll frame, which has been tucked away in the cupboard catching dust for some time!   All of my other projects are too big for this frame but Treasure Hunt fits on there nicely.  Now I'm back to stitching with the frame being longer in width which feels less weird! 

Having the two frames in use means I can work multiple projects and not have to swap projects on and off the q-snap as much :D  Yay! This was also timed well because now the stitching won't end up with indentation marks from the q-snap frame, as I was ju…

The Framing of Umbrella Sky Part 2

I won't write "a novel" for part 2... I'll just cut straight to the reveal and bombard you all with photos!

Here she is finally framed:

This one I took with the camera flash turned on:

Different angle:

I choose a silver coloured frame because it was much more complementary than the darker frames I was initially looking at. I felt like I wanted some metallic element in there from the start. Blacks were just too dark and wood didn’t look right. I think the lighter color really brings her out and that’s where the attention should rightly go!

Frame moulding up close:

I went with the conservation clear glass (cuts out UV) to hopefully prevent any potential fading from exposure to light.

Unfortunately this shot ended up a bit blurry it gives an idea of the size anyway! I am quite tall for the record!:

I think it turned out well after the long process to get to this point.  Now, back to stitching my wips!

Nocturne Update

Hi! I hoped to have Umbrella Sky framed by now but unfortunately there has been a delay with the frame shop getting the moulding.  So I thought I'd show you all how Nocturne is going instead :) I've managed to finish page four which takes me to five pages completed!  This takes Nocturne from 9.97% to 12.43% complete.  It feels good to jump into the double digits!

Previous progress:

Current progress: