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Home is Where the Magic is!

I’ve settled into the new place after the chaos of moving house. A big thanks to Sandra Popek for her fun housewarming gift of Storykeep “Home is Where the Magic is” by Spangler. I love it!

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My new place is in a very pretty green area, as there has been lots of rain recently.  It’s also close to a lovely walking track.  Here's the view from the bottom of the garden:
I was sad to leave behind my old stitchy spot as I was accustomed to the height of the bench and stool and balanced my q-snap between them to be able to stitch two-handed. Thankfully I borrowed a table off my sister and can now balance my q-snap between the desk and table!

Old stitchy spot:

New stitchy spot:

Sing a Rainbow The second page of Rainbow Girl is finished! I’ve completed all the rainbow in this column of pages now.  I’m tempted to skip to the next column and continue with the rainbow, but will persevere and finish this column first. The next two pages will be the animals, so ther…

How Many Colours???

Woohoo!!!  I've finished Challenge #2!

I've been flat out moving house and didn't think I was going to get there.  There ended up being exactly 100 colours on the page!  Talk about epic!
Iris Keeper of the Rainbow by Josephine Wall, page 4.

Previous progress:

Page 4 finished:

I enjoyed this method and will definitely try it again on a page with less confetti.  I'm not sure that it ended up being any quicker than normal because the confetti was pretty full on, so it just felt like it went on forever!  Looking forward to switching wips for a bit now.  Bring on Challenge #3!

Happy Stitching! xxx