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Fact or Fairytale?

Robber Bridegroom It's been awhile since I've shown progress on the Rachel Marks fairytale piece "Robber Bridegroom."  Actually, it was around Halloween last year when I finished the top row!  Now I've skipped ahead to work on page 8 for my yearly goals. 
Here is where it was at the last update:
Traveling with my HAED I had a three hour train trip the other week and managed to get quite a bit of stitching in!  I made my wip much smaller to make it more travel friendly. I usually work on a much larger q-snap but switched to a 12 inch frame for traveling.  I fit everything needed for stitching into a small zip up bag!

Start of trip:
 End of trip:
Current progress:

I didn't get a page finish in but the section left on this page is part of the collar on the man's tunic/top.  This will have metallic threads worked into it like the collar back on page three. So I'll be getting the metallic threads out when I come back to this one!

Since it's fast appr…

Enchanted Stitching

Enchanted Manor The past couple of weeks I've been working on page two of my Enchanted Manor Crop.

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:

Iris I also stitched in all the parked threads leftover from the Challenge.  This is page 6 of Iris Keeper of the Rainbow:

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:

Happy Stitching! xxx