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Knitting Adventures

Stitch, Knit, Knit... Knit, Knit, Stitch... I'm stitching away but don't have much stitching progress to show for this blog.  I have finished the first row on Challenge #3.  I'm working on Iris Keeper of the Rainbow again for this Challenge.

Challenge #3, Row 1 completed:

Blue Farrow ScarfThe pattern is: knit, knit, purl... all the way across...  Till it's as wide as you want it!
It's an easy pattern but scarves are still very time consuming things to make!  This link explains Farrow Stitch in more detail.   This blue scarf was made for a friend last year and I'm knitting a similar white one for myself at the moment! 

Modelling the finished scarf: Using 5mm needles (US size 8)
White Farrow ScarfI'm using larger needles for a bulkier look on the white scarf.  I had two types of white yarn stashed away, so decided to try knitting the two yarns together for a different effect! I'm liking using the two yarns at once... It's not such a problem if you drop…