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Thread Bear


Sparkle in the Wings

Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water I’ve made some progress on the Angel piece by Phelan.   I’m about halfway through working on the second page of “Of Earth, Air Fire & Water" (page 7). 

 Previous Progress:

Current Progress:

Heavenly Sparkle This design has not been charted with metallic thread.  I decided to add metallic to give her more of an ethereal/translucent look as this seems appropriate for an angel!  I’m using one strand of E5200 over 3770 and one strand of PB10 over 3865.  It made sense to use the metallic with the more intense sparkle over the brighter DMC shade.

I’m enjoying the way the sparkle in the wings is turning out!  I need to decide whether to continue the metallic blend all the way through the wings. The original plan was to do this… but now I’m getting to the part where there is more light yellow and need to check if it will tone in okay.  Using the E5200 over the 3770 lightens it considerably which may alter the shading too much for this part.   I’…