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Iris Keeper of the Rainbow, New Start

Here is my start on Iris Keeper of the Rainbow. After all the navy stitches in Nocturne I have really enjoyed using some brighter threads! Although I should probably be posting something dark and scary in light of Halloween Celebrations :)  I am enjoying stitching this one on 20 count Aida (2 over 1, full cross).  Happy Halloween and stitching!

 Start of Confetti Section:
Page One Finished:

Nocturne Restart

I have been considering my current projects and the timescale for finishes. Feeling the need to speed the process up, I decided to experiment with tenting. I have noticed that many others have had success tenting on high count fabrics.  I did a small sample on some 25 count Lugana fabric and found 3 over 1 tent stitch gives really good coverage with black and navy floss (the colors most likely to have coverage issues on white/light fabric).  I am using cream colored Zweigart fabric.

Treasure Hunt Update

I’ve finished the top row on the Treasure Hunt Bookshelf Crop! I have just started stitching the lantern and the colors are still amazing! You can just make out the word “Book” on the pink book.  Actually it kind of looks more like "Boo!"  Unfortunately the detail of the book titles is not that clear, but I still think it’s a lovely chart. This is the normal size version so the titles would possibly be clearer on the larger version chart. I don’t normally grid my stitching but have found it helpful to do so with the confetti in this chart.

Stitched on 18 Count Aida
3 over 1 Full Cross


October Update: