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Orange Pumpkins, Orange Hair…

I’ve been working on the Phelan Chart: “Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water."
Finally I have finished the first page! Her hair has toned down a bit now the surrounding colours are in!


Halloween Chart
If you missed the butterfly freebie for Halloween here it is again!:

Happy Halloween and happy stitching! xxx

Birds, Butterflies... Spiders & Other Creepy Things...

Some More Mystery...Here is my progress on the Mystery Chart!  There are still so many confetti stitches to fill in!

Previous progress:

Current progress:
Also I've made a decent start on the first page of the Phelan Chart.  Her hair is coming across very orange but hopefully should tone down a bit once the surrounding colours are stitched.

This one is being tented on 18 count cream davosa fabric with a variable amount of strands (3-5 depending on colour):

Freddy Werner's Butterfly Chart FinishA big thanks to Freddy Werner for sharing her stitching progress on the butterfly chart (available on the downloads page). It has been a joy to watch it take shape! I love her use of variegated thread as I think it gives the piece a great sense of movement.  Freddy has plans to make the butterfly into a cushion, it may be showcased in an exhibition and will get a spot on her stitchy couch! :D
Congratulations on your beautiful finish Freddy:

Freddy's Butterfly (shared with permissi…