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All The Better To Hear You With!

Robber Bridegroom Progress Here is page 4 of Robber Bridegroom completed. My man now has his ear and hearing intact! ;)

Previous Progress:

Current Progress, Page 4 Completed:

This is the first page I’ve used the Light Effects e310 on. I’m very happy with the effect it’s created on the hair! It’s very difficult to capture the effect in a photo so I made a short clip. Apologies as the camera on my phone is not great quality… Still it gives a better idea of the sparkle effect than the photo. 

Light Effects e310 on Robber Bridegroom:

The total percentage complete on this is now at about 13 percent and the top row is almost complete.

Happy Stitching!xxx

More Enchanting Stuff...

Goals Challenge In 2015, I completed the Bulletin Board Half Yearly Goals Challenge. There were 8 stitchers who won prizes in both the half yearly and yearly challenges.  I was randomly selected as the second place winner for the Half Yearly Challenge!  For the prize I was allowed to select two small charts and decided on:

The Enchanted Snowman by Donna Gelsinger:

QS Lancelot & Guinevere by Aimee Stewart:

2015 was my first year participating in the challenge and it was really enjoyable!  Sending out a big thanks to HAED for allowing the challenge to run and to all the admin on the BB who organized the challenge!

Metallic Thread Calculator Addition to Floss Organizer: I’ve had several people mention about making calculations for how much metallic thread a project needs.  The current skein estimator formulas are based on the 8.7 yard DMC skein.  This means the estimator only works for DMC, not any other yardages or types/brands of thread. So I made a calculator that could be us…

An Enchanting Surprise!

Framing Flowers & Birds I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Happy New Year! My Parents liked “Flowers & Birds.” I can finally share pictures of it framed.

 Finish, Ready for framing:

First it was washed and ironed!:

Birds & Flowers Framed:

The frame was modified. Originally the pattern was much more solid looking, but I brushed some white acrylic over the top to soften the effect. A second matt was cut using really thick card which had a pearlescent sheen to it. The second matt ended up having to be wider than anticipated because I stitched out to a template but didn't factor shrinkage in… and the piece did shrink slightly when washed and ironed.

An Enchanting Surprise I woke up Christmas morning to find a RAK (random act of kindness) from the lovely Sandra Popek! She is such a generous lady and it was an awesome Christmas surprise! She sent me Josephine Wall’s Enchanted Manor. I am stitching the Birds & Rainbow section o…