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Moving Right Along!


Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water

I've needed a short break from the confetti in my Wall Challenge piece and have some more progress to show on “Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water.  I hoped to have this page fished already, but it's very close to being done!

Last update on this project, there were issues with the white light effects (E5200) going over the yellow section of the wings.  The white metallic blended with the yellow dmc was washing out the dmc too much.  To solve this I ended up finding a yellow light effects (E746).  This is working perfectly over the yellow section and the results are great!

Yellow light effects:

Previous progress:

Current progress:

Close up of light effects on yellow section of the wings:

I’m still going on the challenge and I’m up to colour 31 at the moment. It’s progressing slowly!
Happy stitching! xxx