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Violet in the Garden

Equinox I was very surprised to receive a RAK from LeAnna Nicholson just the other day!  She sent me Mini Equinox by Bente Schlick.  It was a beautiful surprise!  I'm pretty sure I'd like to diamond paint this one eventually.   It would work out to be roughly 67cm wide, which is a modest size as far as HAED diamond paintings go!

Artwork by Bente Schlick, with mock-up pictured below: 
February's Butterfly Funnily enough, the name I created for my newest butterfly chart "Violet in the Garden" kind of also coincidentally suits that Bente Schlick artwork with all it's purple hues and garden setting!  I've been working on February's butterfly for quite awhile and it's finally taken flight and was released today!  There are two different sized charts available.

Violet in the Garden Butterfly:

Small Violet in the Garden Butterfly:

I've been handpicking the threads for each chart I'm making!  It means the process takes a quite bit longer but it&…

Diamonds on the Wall

Two FinishesLast month I promised to show the end result of Colette's diamond painting framed.  Dad framed it not long back.  Eventually the hook will be replaced by a picture rail, so it will only be on the hook temporarily!
Colette's Diamond Painting Unframed:
Colette's Diamond Painting Framed:
Laura also finished her Unicorn diamond painting the other week!
Previous Progress:
I've started the next column on my Spirit of Flight diamond painting and I'm halfway through the bottom partial page.  Several more leaves have appeared!:
Previous Progress:
  Current Progress:
Update on Butterfly Series Release Plan I’ve decided to release two different sized charts for each butterfly. One at about 181 stitches wide and the other at about 81 stitches wide (height will vary). The larger size will have be full crosses only and the small size will include backstitching and fractional stitches. The small series will be made into a special Butterfly Sampler once the wh…