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100 Days of HAED

25 Days of Treasure Hunt
I've fallen way behind with my yearly stitching goals...  So when a post for the 100 HAED Challenge came up on my Facebook feed it sounded like the perfect way to get motivated again and catch up!  I've sort of been avoiding my Treasure Hunt crop because it was getting slightly tedious with all that confetti. The aim of this challenge is to stitch everyday though and that has certainly helped progress. I'm going to share the first twenty-five days now!

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (Cropped Version) Reminder:

Last Update:

Progress Before start of Challenge (Challenge Day 0):

 Progress on Day 10 of Challenge

Progress on Day 20 of Challenge;

Progress on Day 25 of Challenge:

Whole Piece to Date at 64.55% Complete:

I'll be switching wips every 25 days for this Challenge.  Some stitchers are opting to work on the same piece for 100 days.  There is so much confetti in Treasure Hunt that I need to break it up by switching... So I don'…