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Valentine's Day

Diamond Painting I’ve stumbled across the craft of diamond painting, which involves sticking resin tiles/diamonds to a sticky canvas.  The tiles are available in both round and square shapes in the whole DMC colour range. This means any cross stitch chart can be turned into a diamond painting! There are kits available but the quality of the kit will vary depending on the size and amount of colours used.  In any case, it is possible to make a diamond painting using a Heaven and Earth Designs chart, which really caught my interest!
Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend… I’ve decided to jump right in and make Spirit of Flight my first diamond painting! This one was screaming “pick me” and I can really visualize it working well.  The diamonds are 2.5mm each which makes the canvas the equivalent of working on 10 count cross stitch fabric. The finished size of this piece will be about 85 by 113cm...  Just over a meter wide!

Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall:
Charted by Heaven and Earth D…

Water Lily Pond

ButterfliesOver the past couple of weeks I’ve been stitching another butterfly cushion!
This was the colour scheme of the first one I stitched some time ago.

Original Butterfly:

Monet’s RoomI stitched another version of this butterfly as a gift for my Sister. The colour design of the cushion was inspired by Monet's painting "Water Lily Pond 2." My Sister has a room with a Monet inspired colour scheme, so I picked colours that would work in this room.
Water Lily Pond 2 by Monet: New Butterfly; Ready to be stitched to cushion:

Finished Cushion; 22 count Hardanger tented with 3 to 4 strands:

Lilly ButterflyThe Pattern is available on the downloads page.  The colours used in this Monet version are:

Happy Stitching! xxx