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Lots of Floss

Robber Bridegroom For the 22 day Facebook Challenge I decided to attempt to finish the remainder of page 8 on Robber Bridegroom.  I've added metallic threads to the chart.

Reminder of artwork:
Previous progress:
Current progress!:

Floss Organizer Update Version 10It was recently brought to my attention the Floss Organizer is missing the 35 new floss colours released by DMC near the start of 2018.    I've now updated it and Version 10 is the most recent version.  This version still has the skein estimator and several other useful sections.  I will also make the link permanently available via the "Downloads" tab at the top of the page.  There is also a user guide available in the Downloads tab.

 Changes to version 10:
1. Added 35 new DMC floss colours to all project tabs
2. Re-designed new look

Floss Project Pages:
 Fabric Calculator Section:
Project Stitch Count Overview, Percentage Complete:
 Metallic Thread Skein Estimator:

Black Friday Sale  There is a 20-30…