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Queen of Confetti!

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards, Then What?
I've been stitching away on "The Queen of Spades" and hoped to have a page finish to reveal today... There is just so much confetti it didn't happen! It's been so refreshing to switch to a different piece, after spending what must've been months on Iris! I didn't realize just how much having a rotation of different projects keeps me motivated and inspired. Switching between pieces is fun, it creates excitement and keeps things interesting...

Previous Progress:

Current progress:

Have an awesome weekend!

Happy Stitching, xxx

Yipee! I've Finished Challenge #3!!!

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow  My stitchy bug is still missing and I've still got severe pain in my ears.  Although, despite not feeling great, I've managed to persevere and finish the Challenge!

Previous progress:

More progress: The parking became a bit intense towards the bottom of the page!

Page 5 completed:

Overall progress to date:

I obviously need to go back and finish page three...  Iris is coming off the q-snap for a bit now though! 

Parking Method EvaluationParking is not my usual stitching method.  I didn't mind it to begin with with...  However, the parked threads really started getting in the way in the more intense/detailed sections and trying to stitch around them was annoying!  I'm not sure that this method really suits me for that reason.  Although, I may still try it again at some point under different conditions, as I didn't enjoy being restricted to rows.  I did like the times where the parked threads could be worked and there was no searching thr…