Please feel free to download and share these documents I created.  If you do share them please credit and link to my blog :D  I would love to see any photos of the patterns stitched or any colour variations that have been created!  Free free to send me pictures if you would like to have them shared and I will post them here with a credit and link to your blog/page.

Diamond Painting Resources

I've made an Information Sheet for HAED Diamond Painting, it includes information on how to calculate diamond amounts and canvas size.  The PDF also includes steps for making a modified order on AliExpress and answers to some frequently asked questions.  Please note that the Facebook links will only be accessible to group members.  There is also a Spreadsheet that can be used to calculate how many packets are needed to make an order.  Please read the notes in the PDF file if you are going to use this!

Diamond Painting Information2 /PDF File Update May 2017
Spreadsheet for Diamond Order2 File Update May 2017


Ornamental Bats Cross Stitch Cart by Megan Joelle
Image used with permission thanks to

Electric Blue Butterfly Cross Stitch Chart by Megan Joelle:
Butterfly Image used with permission thanks to

Butterfly Cross Stitch Chart by Megan Joelle:

Pattern Variation:
Lilly Version (scroll down for pictures): 

Cross Stitching Resources

Floss Organizer with Skein Estimator, Percentage Calculator and Fabric Calculator by Megan Joelle Version 10 (18th November 2018):

A huge thanks to Danutė Verikaitė for the advanced skein estimate formulas she provided!

PDF User Guide for the Floss Organizer V9: This is still a valid guide for the version 10 organizer. Provides basic instructions and pictures to guide the user through the different sections of the spreadsheet template including: the floss organizer section, skein estimator section, the project stitch count overview and fabric calculator sections.

Stitching Sideways Tutorial

Click on picture to download:

Butterfly Chart Finishes

 Stitched by Megan Joelle on 22 count hardanger, tented 3 over 1:

Lilly Butterfly

Version inspired by Monet's Water Lily artwork:


Freddy Werner's Butterfly Project

Freddy is currently stitching the Butterfly Pattern on 16 count aida fabric, 2 over 1 full cross.  Progress can be followed via Instagram!  Pictures of Freddy's stitching (posted with permission):


  1. Awesome Floss organiser, thank you.

  2. You're welcome Sharon! The Floss Organizer has another update on the way. A Version 9 update is coming, with the addition of a Metallic Thread Skein Estimator :D

  3. Thank you so much - the floss organizer is amazing! A question, though - will it be updated with the new DMC colours? Or is there a way I can add them in myself? Thanks so much again!

    1. Hi Nancy, the way the spreadsheet is set-up it's not possible to just insert extra rows for the new colours without major re-working. I've also got it configured with locked cells, so you won't be able to alter it yourself. I will add the extra colours in. I don't know how long this will take but keep an eye out for an update :D

    2. Updated version of the floss Organizer has been added today (18th November 2018). Version 10 includes all the new DMC floss colours. Sorry for the delay in the Update Nancy, it was quite a lengthy and involved process to add them in! :)


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