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Let's Party!

Farewell to 2016
After what seems like days of getting stuck in confetti stitching it's finally come to an end!  I managed to finish my 2016 Yearly Goals in time! There were two pages left to complete; one on Iris and one on The Queen of Spades.

Previous progress:

Current progress:

Previous progress:

Current progress:

This year I managed to complete a total of 10 pages on my HAED's! 
Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and comments throughout 2016.  It's been fun sharing my stitching with you all.  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may 2017 be your best one yet!

Happy Stitching xxx

A Christmas Angel!

Of Earth, Air, Water & FireThis week I finished the top page on the Phelan project.  The first column is now complete!

Reminder of cropped version:

Previous progress:

Current progress: It's really tricky to capture the sparkle on camera.  It glitters more in person!  The metallic threads were not charted and have been added to the design.
Goals UpdateNow the Phelan pages are done I'm very very close to achieving my yearly goals!  There are still two pages left to finish for my 2016 goals.  The pages are almost there but both have a decent amount of confetti remaining, so fingers crossed they can be completed in time!
Update on the T-shirt Yarn Project!After checking out how many t-shirts were used in similar projects,  I decided there was a need for more shirts!  The yarn pile has now multiplied from 29 to 51 balls! There are also some spare shirts to cut up if need be.

The dark greens and blues are not displaying correctly... Apologies as it was very difficult to capture t…

A Yarn to Tell

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow Due to needing whole pages for participation in the HAED Challenges, I'd skipped ahead and completed page 4 and 5 on Iris.  So I've gone back to finish working on page 3.  The confetti has again gotten the better of me though and I've not yet gotten the page finish I'd hoped for! At this stage it's not looking like I will finish my yearly goals, but I'll keep stitching anyway!

Previous progress:

Some more progress:

Current Progress:

 T- Shirt Yarn I took a short break from stitching this week to work on a crafty side project. I've been making t-shirt yarn! A visit to several local Op Shops supplied a fantastic range of different coloured t-shirts to cut up. After washing them all I laid them out on the floor and there ended up being 29 t-shirts:

T-shirt yarn is an awesome way to recycle used or old t-shirts lying around.  Not to mention any money spent at local Charity Shops goes to a great cause! The plan is to use the t-s…