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Nocturne It's been a long time since Nocturne has seen the light of day!  This project was one of the three pieces with the highest amount of votes, when everyone voted for the projects they wanted to see more progress on.   I really wanted to complete page 8 for this blog but I'm only about halfway through.  The chart I'm working on is the old version.   After discovering the art was re-charted, I put the wip aside for awhile to decide whether or not to restart with the newer chart.  I've decided to continue working on the original chart though.  I've already restarted this one before and don't have the heart to restart it again, especially since quite a decent amount has been completed.  Anyway, the newer chart may blend better and have more depth but I still think the original is pretty!  They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Mock-up Comparison; Old Chart on the Left and New Chart on the Right:

Added Mini Mock-up for Chart Comparison.  Left: Mini N…

A Day of Diamonds

Happy New Year! Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone for voting for the pieces you wanted to see more progress on.  I've based my 2018 yearly stitching goals on your votes!   There was a three way tie between Treasure Hunt, Nocturne and Rainbow Girl.  I've gotten stuck into one of the three with the highest votes you'll see some progress very soon.  You'll have to wait and see which one though!  In the mean time I wanted to share pictures from the diamond painting day I had with my Mum and Sister.
Christmas Day Diamond Painting I gave my Mum and Sister diamond paintings for Christmas.  My Sister Laura has done some of diamond painting before and I hoped to get her inspired to tackle more of her Josephine Wall "Three Wishes" HAED she kitted up last year.  My Mum has cross stitched a bit in the past but had never tried diamond painting.  Anyway, we ended up spending all Christmas afternoon diamond painting and now they are both hooked!  It was so m…