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On a Dark, Black, Halloween Night…

Robber Bridegroom This last page of Robber Bridegroom had me stitching with lots of black!  Which is perfect for getting into the Halloween vibe...  It has been a welcomed break from all the confetti encountered over the past few page finishes.  I'm now at the end of the first row, which is an exciting place to be!  This takes my stitch count for this project to 28,080 stitches, or 16.25 percent complete.

Previous progress:

Current progress:

In the ShadowsI've added e310 light effects to the hair section (which was not charted).  I phased out the metallic thread in a sloping curve to match where the hair highlights ended.  Otherwise the light effects beyond would have highlighted a section meant to be in the shadows,  which would most likely not look correct!

Time Flies, Just like Witches... I'm really hoping to get my yearly goals finished.  At the moment I am behind due to stitching extra pages for Challenges.  I still have three pages left to finish.  They are not full on…

Colour Enhancement, Colour Enchantment!