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T-shirt Yarn Project Reveal, Part 2

Rug Progress The t-shirt rug is now finished! Here are some work in progress photos from where the last blog left off:

Previous progress; 20 rounds, about 80cm wide:
After 31 rounds; about 127cm wide:
After 32 rounds; about 130 cm wide
The Finished RugThe completed rug ended up having 35 rounds and measuring 144 cm wide!  It’s also quite heavy!  Which is not surprising since there has got to be at least 50 or so whole t-shirts of varying sizes in there.  I did end up needing more green t-shirts for the last couple of bands as I decided to go back to green before ending on black.  There were some t-shirts left over but I did use most of the yarn I had.   The great thing about the rug is it is hand washable.  I've found it’s better to spot wash if possible because it’s really thick which means it takes ages to dry.

UnderlayI purchased a non-slip rug grip underlay for underneath.  Although the rug so heavy that it doesn’t tend to slip around much.  If it were smaller and lighter th…

T-shirt Yarn Project Reveal, Part 1

A Circular RugI've been busily making my t-shirt rug project and can now reveal the first part of the rug!  If you have been following along with previous blogs, it will now make sense as to why I was madly cutting up so many t-shirts!  After weeks of collecting, washing and cutting shirts it was super exciting to finally get stitching!     

A rough template of the colour band order followed is pictured below, traveling from right to left with some lines of yarn doing more than one band.  The estimated gauge from my test swatches was about 2 cm per round.  The plan was for the finished rug to be between 120 to 150cm wide, a size that would work well for the room it would live in.  For the rug to be halfway between this range it would need approximately 33 rounds!

(To estimate the number of rounds for a given size circular rug; find the radius and divide by the stitching gauge:  So for a rug diameter of 135cm, the radius= 135cm divided by 2cm= 67.5cm.  Then the radius of 67.5cm d…