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The Summer Challenge

Heaven & Earth Challenge I've been working on the HAED Summer Challenge over the past couple of weeks.  The weather in Australian has been far from summery! Anyway, the challenge was to stitch 10 squares in a checkerboard format, feathering the edges.  I've used Iris Keeper of the Rainbow again.  I'm working on page 6, which I'd previously skipped.  I decided to park threads on this one, like I did with the previous Checkerboard Challenge.

Previous progress:
Challenge completion:

Violet Light For my Birthday back in August I received this beautiful piece of 25 count violet cross stitch fabric from my friend Cathy Jordan.  Sending out another big thanks to Cathy!  This one will be for the Elementals chart by Josephine Wall.
I was also blessed to receive a magnifier lamp for my Birthday too... I've wanted one of these for quite awhile and have really enjoyed using it with my challenge piece.  It will be especially great for the higher count projects I'm wor…