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Megan Sends Her Regards!


Crocheting & Knitting… But No Stitching!

The weather has been quite cold here, so before getting the knitting needles out this year I decided to try out crocheting for something new and different. I’ve only crocheted once before so it’s not something I’m very familiar with!  I wanted to make a beanie and cowl for a gift.

I based both designs on a video tutorial for a scarf posted by SimplyHookedCrochet:

Click here for the Sweetheart Scarf link

I kind of only followed the stitch and did a lots of improvising because I needed to make a matching beanie as well! What I came up with is intentionally different to the video! I based the beanie on the same stitch so it would match the cowl.  I added a rim on the for contrast and length (because whoops it wouldn't have been deep enough otherwise)!!!  With the cowl I decided to crochet the stitch so it ran the width rather than the length of the scarf/cowl.


Cowl Please excuse the contrasting colours in the cowl pictures! The actual colour of yarn is more truly represen…