Crocheting & Knitting… But No Stitching!

The weather has been quite cold here, so before getting the knitting needles out this year I decided to try out crocheting for something new and different. I’ve only crocheted once before so it’s not something I’m very familiar with!  I wanted to make a beanie and cowl for a gift.

I based both designs on a video tutorial for a scarf posted by SimplyHookedCrochet:

Click here for the Sweetheart Scarf link

I kind of only followed the stitch and did a lots of improvising because I needed to make a matching beanie as well! What I came up with is intentionally different to the video! I based the beanie on the same stitch so it would match the cowl.  I added a rim on the for contrast and length (because whoops it wouldn't have been deep enough otherwise)!!!  With the cowl I decided to crochet the stitch so it ran the width rather than the length of the scarf/cowl.



Please excuse the contrasting colours in the cowl pictures! The actual colour of yarn is more truly represented in the beanie photos. There is a bit too much orange in the photos due to the different lighting conditions but as it has already been gifted I couldn’t retake them!:  I added button holes using this tutorial:  How to Crochet a Buttonhole

Close up of the pretty buttons I managed to find :)

I’m also doing some knitting at the moment and will share pictures once that's finished, but I would definitely like to try my hand at some more crotchet. I also stumbled across an awesome YouTube page with tutorials on heaps of different crochet and knitting stitches. It’s certainly inspires one to get the knitting needles and crotchet hooks out and try something new! There are some great videos there if your interested in checking them out:

A New Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet Video Tutorials

I’m still plodding away stitching the Mystery Chart and HAEDs. The stitching is moving very slowly and there is not much progress so you will all have to wait until the next blog for an update on them! :) xx


  1. I started crochet ones..... And it stayed with ones!!!. I gave up, my sister-in-law who was teaching me gave up.... And she's about the most patience person in the world.... But we both came to the same conclusion......NOT FOR ME!!! Yikes.... The result was awefull and I did not have any patience with it... But your result looks amazing.. And it is nice to see something else on your blog besides the crossstitch....

    1. At least you gave it a shot Natascha! Your beading skills are fantastic anyway, so that's a great hobby to pursue when you want a break from the stitching ;) I admit my first attempts at crochet were not fantastic... It took about around 5 hours to "get the hang of it" and that's just for this one type of stitch!!!

  2. So cute! I've only flirted with crochet but you seem to have a knack for it.

  3. Fantastic!! I've only started crochet too... a baby blanket :)
    So far, so good :) Touch wood & keep fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks Ingrid! I saw your blog post earlier today and was impressed with your crocheting... I'm glad that you gave it another shot :)

  4. That's awesome! Designing your own pattern on your second piece of crochet is amazing. Those are really pretty items you finished.


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