A Day of Diamonds

Happy New Year! Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone for voting for the pieces you wanted to see more progress on.  I've based my 2018 yearly stitching goals on your votes!   There was a three way tie between Treasure Hunt, Nocturne and Rainbow Girl.  I've gotten stuck into one of the three with the highest votes you'll see some progress very soon.  You'll have to wait and see which one though!  In the mean time I wanted to share pictures from the diamond painting day I had with my Mum and Sister.
Christmas Day Diamond Painting I gave my Mum and Sister diamond paintings for Christmas.  My Sister Laura has done some of diamond painting before and I hoped to get her inspired to tackle more of her Josephine Wall "Three Wishes" HAED she kitted up last year.  My Mum has cross stitched a bit in the past but had never tried diamond painting.  Anyway, we ended up spending all Christmas afternoon diamond painting and now they are both hooked!  It was so m…

A Year of Stitching

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow Things have been crazy and I've not done much stitching over the past month!  I've finally finished page six of Iris which means the top row is complete.  It's awesome to finally have a row finish!  Even though I didn't manage to finish my yearly goals, I am very happy to complete my half year goal. 

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:
Showing  off the sheer scale of it!  Pretty much covers the top of my kitchen table!:

Which to Stitch? Since I'm working on so many projects, I thought it might be fun to have vote on which pieces everyone would like to see more progress on over the next couple of months and the start of the coming new year.  Here is a reminder of all the projects I have on the go.  Please comment below to vote for your favorite!:

Enchanted Manor

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow


Of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

Rainbow Girl

Robber Bridegroom

Fact or Fairytale?

Robber Bridegroom It's been awhile since I've shown progress on the Rachel Marks fairytale piece "Robber Bridegroom."  Actually, it was around Halloween last year when I finished the top row!  Now I've skipped ahead to work on page 8 for my yearly goals. 
Here is where it was at the last update:
Traveling with my HAED I had a three hour train trip the other week and managed to get quite a bit of stitching in!  I made my wip much smaller to make it more travel friendly. I usually work on a much larger q-snap but switched to a 12 inch frame for traveling.  I fit everything needed for stitching into a small zip up bag!

Start of trip:
 End of trip:
Current progress:

I didn't get a page finish in but the section left on this page is part of the collar on the man's tunic/top.  This will have metallic threads worked into it like the collar back on page three. So I'll be getting the metallic threads out when I come back to this one!

Since it's fast appr…

Enchanted Stitching

Enchanted Manor The past couple of weeks I've been working on page two of my Enchanted Manor Crop.

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:

Iris I also stitched in all the parked threads leftover from the Challenge.  This is page 6 of Iris Keeper of the Rainbow:

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:

Happy Stitching! xxx