Christmas Pendant Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway I'm running a Christmas Giveaway for Crystallize By Joelle.  Details are posted on the Facebook page.  If you're interested in entering head over to Facebook for more info on how to enter the draw for the chance to win one of the six pendants pictured below!
I've pinned the Giveaway post to the top of the page.  Although, I've noticed that not all posts seem to be visible on the page at all the times for some reason.  Facebook is being a bit strange... Anyway, here is the direct link to the Giveaway post as well:
Newly finished and recently added to Etsy! Blue Shungite Pendant: Love Is In The Air A few months ago I was talking about Love is in the Air by Josephine Wall.  I've been waiting for this particular artwork to be released as a HAED since 2014!  Well despite the issues it end up being…

Lots of Floss

Robber Bridegroom For the 22 day Facebook Challenge I decided to attempt to finish the remainder of page 8 on Robber Bridegroom.  I've added metallic threads to the chart.

Reminder of artwork:
Previous progress:
Current progress!:

Floss Organizer Update Version 10It was recently brought to my attention the Floss Organizer is missing the 35 new floss colours released by DMC near the start of 2018.    I've now updated it and Version 10 is the most recent version.  This version still has the skein estimator and several other useful sections.  I will also make the link permanently available via the "Downloads" tab at the top of the page.  There is also a user guide available in the Downloads tab.

 Changes to version 10:
1. Added 35 new DMC floss colours to all project tabs
2. Re-designed new look

Floss Project Pages:
 Fabric Calculator Section:
Project Stitch Count Overview, Percentage Complete:
 Metallic Thread Skein Estimator:

Black Friday Sale  There is a 20-30…

Can You Hear The Violin?

For days 75 to 100 of the 100 Day HAED Challenge I switched over to Nocturne.  This page involved stitching her face and the violin!

Reminder of Artwork, Nocturne by Marta Dahlig:
Previous Progress:
Progress at Day 90 of Challenge: Progress at Day 100: Current Progress: Unfortunately, yet again I've just missed out on a page finish!  I'm switching projects again for the 21 stitch day Challenge.  At the moment I still have six pages at various levels of completion to finish for the yearly goals... I was a bit ambitious with the goal setting this year lol.  Halloween Sale There is a 20 % off Halloween Sale running from now till the 2nd November on my Etsy shop Crystallize By Joelle!  Here are two pendants I recently made...
Labradorite and Mookaite Gemstone Pendants: Happy Halloween!
Happy Stitching! xxx

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards...

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards
For days 25 to 50 of the HAED 100 Day Challenge I worked on the Queen of Spades.  Here is a reminder of the artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:
  Previous progress was up to here:
Progress before starting the Challenge:
Progress after 25 days of Challenge Stitching: Finding Treasure I've also started work on the next row of Treasure Hunt for days 50-75.  I haven't done anywhere near as much as I set out to though...

Treasure Hunt reminder.  Crop of artwork by Aimee Stewart:
  Previous progress:
 Challenge days 50-75:
Clay Wrapped Pendants I've also finished several clay wrapped gemstone pendants!

Happy Stitching! xxx

Crystallize By Joelle

Jewellery Making I've always loved gemstones and a little while back I mentioned about jewellery making.  I wanted to share some of the pendants I've made on my blog this month.  They all have gemstones in them!

Holographic Rose Quartz Pendant:
Malachite Pendant:
 Amethyst Pendant:
Amazonite Orgone Pendant:
  Chakra Pendant: Turquoise Moon Pendant:
 Holographic, Iridescent Citrine Orgone Pendant:
Orgone Pendant:
Amethyst & Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant:
Holographic, Iridescent Citrine Pendant:
Small Chakra Pendant:
Citrine Pendant:

Dreamcatcher Orgone Pendant:
Rose Quartz Teardrop Pendant:
Amazonite & Citrine Orgone Pendant:

Crystallize By Joelle I've opened up an Etsy Shop Called Crystallize By Joelle.  To celebrate I'm currently running a ten percent off sale from 29th August till the 3rd September.  This corresponds with the Etsy Labour Day sales in the US, but runs as a worldwide promo.  I will also be posting new pendants on Instagram, Pinterest and Faceboo…