The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards...

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards
For days 25 to 50 of the HAED 100 Day Challenge I worked on the Queen of Spades.  Here is a reminder of the artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:
  Previous progress was up to here:
Progress before starting the Challenge:
Progress after 25 days of Challenge Stitching: Finding Treasure I've also started work on the next row of Treasure Hunt for days 50-75.  I haven't done anywhere near as much as I set out to though...

Treasure Hunt reminder.  Crop of artwork by Aimee Stewart:
  Previous progress:
 Challenge days 50-75:
Clay Wrapped Pendants I've also finished several clay wrapped gemstone pendants!

Happy Stitching! xxx

Crystallize By Joelle

Jewellery Making I've always loved gemstones and a little while back I mentioned about jewellery making.  I wanted to share some of the pendants I've made on my blog this month.  They all have gemstones in them!

Holographic Rose Quartz Pendant:
Malachite Pendant:
 Amethyst Pendant:
Amazonite Orgone Pendant:
  Chakra Pendant: Turquoise Moon Pendant:
 Holographic, Iridescent Citrine Orgone Pendant:
Orgone Pendant:
Amethyst & Rose Quartz Orgone Pendant:
Holographic, Iridescent Citrine Pendant:
Small Chakra Pendant:
Citrine Pendant:

Dreamcatcher Orgone Pendant:
Rose Quartz Teardrop Pendant:
Amazonite & Citrine Orgone Pendant:

Crystallize By Joelle I've opened up an Etsy Shop Called Crystallize By Joelle.  To celebrate I'm currently running a ten percent off sale from 29th August till the 3rd September.  This corresponds with the Etsy Labour Day sales in the US, but runs as a worldwide promo.  I will also be posting new pendants on Instagram, Pinterest and Faceboo…

100 Days of HAED

25 Days of Treasure Hunt
I've fallen way behind with my yearly stitching goals...  So when a post for the 100 HAED Challenge came up on my Facebook feed it sounded like the perfect way to get motivated again and catch up!  I've sort of been avoiding my Treasure Hunt crop because it was getting slightly tedious with all that confetti. The aim of this challenge is to stitch everyday though and that has certainly helped progress. I'm going to share the first twenty-five days now!

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (Cropped Version) Reminder:

Last Update:

Progress Before start of Challenge (Challenge Day 0):

 Progress on Day 10 of Challenge

Progress on Day 20 of Challenge;

Progress on Day 25 of Challenge:

Whole Piece to Date at 64.55% Complete:

I'll be switching wips every 25 days for this Challenge.  Some stitchers are opting to work on the same piece for 100 days.  There is so much confetti in Treasure Hunt that I need to break it up by switching... So I don'…

A Stitching Marathon

Movies, Stitching, Rainbow Girl and R.A.E.M.E Over the past couple of weeks/months I haven't been as focused on my stitching as normal because I've been jewellery making!  Although, Rob and I have done quite a few stitching/movie marathon afternoons which has been fun.  Anyway, I've finally got to the end of the page on Rainbow Girl and Rob has made awesome progress on his stitching!
Rainbow Girl Artwork Reminder:
Previous Progress:
Current Progress:
Rob's R.A.E.M.E Stitching Artwork Reminder:
Previous Progress:
Recent Progress:

Happy Stitching! xxx

In the Spirit of Diamond Painting

Spirit of Flight I've finished page 17 of my Spirit of Flight Diamond Painting. Now there is one more partial page left till the column finish.  I had a little help from my friend Cathy on a small section of this page! She did the blue section on the left side (Thanks Cathy ;) ):
Cute Pens Awhile back I got my Mum and Sister into Diamond Painting.  They are still working on their projects, although we haven't had a chance to get together and do another Diamond Painting Day yet.... For fun Mum brought us all a special diamond painting pen.  There are a whole lot of cute little cartoon type styles available!  I haven't had a chance to test mine out properly until recently... Anyway, it is very comfortable to hold and has a softer more "cushioned" feel than the pink pens.  
Diamond Painting Pen: Last Progress Update:
Current Progress: 
Happy Stitching & Diamond Painting! xxx