Sail Away

Ocean Plait Rope Mat The Ocean Plait Mat is woven from rope.  It is also known as a Sailor's True Love Mat, a Ladder Mat or a Prolong Knot!  Traditionally used by Sailor's, it is considered an ancient form of knot tying with a Celtic influence.  Marine rope was (and still is) used to weave hard wearing, decorative mats.  Rope mats are often a common feature on sailing boats or nautical themed decor.   Although any type of thick gauge rope can be used, braided ropes are a good choice for a softer, more luxurious result. 

I decided it would be fun to have a shot at weaving the longer version of the Ocean Plait using the "Prolong Knot."
Braided poly rope: 30 metres of black and 30 metres of green; 

Outline: I used pegs to hold the first round together!:


After 4 rounds I didn't have any green left, so started with the black outline:

Finished!  Although, I still need to secure the ends... was thinking a hot glue gun would be the best way to do this.  It&…

Three Wishes

My Sister Laura has decided to make a diamond painting of "Three Wishes" by Josephine Wall.  I really like this piece and think the two figures at the bottom of the piece could easily be a good representation of her and I! :)

Three Wishes by Josephine Wall, Max Colour, Regular Chart from Heaven & Earth Designs:

The materials for "Three Wishes" were ordered from the "Little Home" Store on AliExpress and they arrived just the other week. This will be a very large piece at 139 by 163cm... In fact, it covers a queen size bed comfortably!   I had a giggle after unpacking it... talk about make a mess... I promise the cat was not involved at all lol! ;)

Laura wanted all the diamonds sorted and labelled using the same storage containers I used for my Spirit of Flight diamond painting. A few people were asking where to buy these storage containers as well.  They were purchased from here & here.   Now it's all kitted up and ready to start... There…

Mr Greenwood's Stitching

A Guest Stitcher!My neighbour Rob has recently retired and decided to take up cross stitching!   I've been helping him learn how to stitch over the past couple of months.  He is stitching the R.A.E.M.E Badge, which is an image close to his heart from his days spent in the Army.

R.A.E.M.E Badge:

Rob's Stitching Progress:

 Stitched on 14 count Aida (full cross on the main image and tent stitch on the background):

Rob's PVC Floor Stand ProjectAfter working with a hoop for several months, Rob has now switched to a Q-Snap frame and decided he would also like a floor stand.  So we made a floor stand out of pvc piping based on this tabletop stand (obviously with longer legs than the design specifies).  After assembling the stand it was spray painted to achieve a copper finish.

Waiting for the paint to dry:

To complete the whole set-up, we have "Bruce" the friendly frog...  Bruce does all the frogging so Rob doesn't need too lol! ;)

(All pictures posted with Rob'…

Zebra Stripes & Rainbows... Nice!

Challenge #4I've finished the Challenge!  Here it is:

Previous progress:

Challenge finish:

Cosy Stripe BlanketMy Cosy Blanket has gained more stripes but not as many as a Zebra!!! ;)  It's currently sitting on 18 different coloured stripes, with 36 rows complete.  I think it will need about 90 different coloured stripes, or about 180 rows all up... So I'll keep stitching lol!...  The colour scheme should begin to make more sense once colours start to tie back and repeat.  There won't be too many repeats though as I've got quite a few different yarns to use!  I'm loving the texture of the contrasting rows.  The pattern is from Attic 24.

Previous progress:

WIP pics:

Current progress:

Happy Stitching! xxx

Challenge #4 & A Whole Lot More!

Challenge Update
I'm still going on challenge #4!  It's taking awhile because I've been working on other projects too!

Previous progress:

Current progress:

Spirit of Flight Diamond Painting
I've finished the top page on Spirit of Flight, which means I now have a row finish!  This makes the project 27,900 tiles down and 18.29% complete, which isn't too shabby for such a short amount of time!

Previous progress:

Current progress:

I can't wait to get back into doing more diamond painting once the Challenge is complete.

Diamond Painting Resources I've made an Information Sheet for the HAED Diamond Painting Facebook Group, which I'll also make available here and on my Downloads Page.  It includes information on how to calculate diamond amounts and canvas size.  It also includes steps for making a modified order on AliExpress and answers to some frequently asked questions.    Please note that the Facebook links will only be accessible to group members.  Y…