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Welcome to my cross-stitching blog!

Hi! I am an Australian girl that loves to cross stitch! I think of myself as a very creative individual. I also knit, play piano, sing, write music, produce music and generally enjoy artistic pursuits! I’m currently completing an album of original songs which has been a rather long term project and I can't wait to share/finish it!

I started stitching in January 2010 when my sister showed me the Umbrella Sky artwork. I had to stitch it! My stitching buddy is a stripy, mischievous kitty called Matisse. I have gained much inspiration from following other people's stitching and really enjoy sharing photos of my stitching with you all. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching my progress!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Happy stitching xxx








I recently tested the contact form to find it wasn't working yet again.  It has been very buggy and so I think it's best to ditch it for good! Apologies if you have attempted to send me a message via the form as it would not have worked.  Please use my email megiebops@hotmail.com instead. 

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