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Eggstraordinary Easter Giveaway!!!

This giveaway has been inspired by Heather at Fantasy Cross Stitch! Heather has generously gifted me with a chart I absolutely love (to be revealed very soon) for guessing the phrase she is currently stitching into a Love Thy Thread chart.   Click here for Heather’s Blog.  I feel very blessed and wish to pay the generosity she has shown me forward!   Easter is also a great time for fresh starts/new beginnings, so I am running a chart giveaway because I think you’re all good eggs! ;)

One winner will be picked to receive a Heaven and Earth Designs chart of their choice*
*The chart must be currently available on the HAED website and will be sent as a pdf via the RAK system.

Please Read The Entry Rules:
To enter leave a comment on this post sharing which chart you feel is so eggstraordinary you would drop all your current wips to start stitching it!You must be following my blog publicly. Entries close on the following date and time:  The winner will be drawn (randomly out of a …

Sparkly Clouds & Violins

I have finished page five of Nocturne! There is one more page of clouds to stitch to complete the first row.  Awhile back I decided to try Petite Treasure braid PB10 thread from Rainbow Gallery.  This page full of sparkly cloud stitching was a great opportunity to test out the PB10 and compare it with the Kreinik #4 032 (very fine braid) metallic.  I found they were not all that different to stitch with.  However, I did prefer the feel of the Treasure Braid because it frayed less when trying to thread it onto the needle and therefore I felt there was more integrity to the thread.  At a subtler level the Treasure Braid also seemed to sit slightly neater in the stitching because the integrity of the thread seemed sturdier.

I also found the tones in each were slightly different and they both caught the light differently. The Krienik has an orange/gold tone running through it (which is absent in the Treasure Braid) and the Treasure Braid has a hot pink tone running through it (wh…

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow, March Update

I finally got through the second page of Iris! I recently discovered the loop start and have been using it on Iris.  The loop start can be used with 2 strands of thread and I'm stitching this one 2 over 1, on 20 ct mauve aida fabric.   I love the fact that I don't have to turn my work over as much and my back looks a little bit neater.  I was so excited about this technique that I went to show my Mum and Sister (they both stitch occasionally)and they were both like "Yes, we know about that!" It's a shame they didn't show me when I first started stitching years ago!  Anyway... it's worth a try if you like me have also "been out of the loop"and have not yet encountered it ;)

Click here for the video on the loop start method
Previous progress:

Current progress update:

Confetti close up:

The small dent this has made in the overall piece! (Please excuse the wrinkles in the fabric):