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Butterfly Project

I have been working on a small side project (small compared to the HAED’s anyway). I’ve stitched an 8x6 inch butterfly I intend to finish as a cushion.
Stitched on 22 count Hardanger, tented 3 over 1:

I have started filling in the colors and have really enjoyed stitching this. As you can see I’ve brought some purple/grape fabric and two tones of ribbon for making the cushion cover.   I couldn't decide between the green and magenta ribbon... It then occurred to me I could use them both:)  The tone of the green is not really coming across properly in the photo though.

Work in progress:

As far as the HAED’s go I found some pictures of Iris and Spirit of Flight partly stitched. Reflecting upon this I don't think I will go ahead with Spirit of Flight. The pattern has translated a quite bit darker and I’m just feeling unsure on it now in general. I also think I might go insane trying to stitch two Josephine Wall pieces! So while I contemplate that I will start I…

Rewards Program

I finished Umbrella Sky in time to enter the Heaven & Earth Rewards Program (runs until the end of August).   The chart I picked for the reward is Iris Keeper of the Rainbow by Josephine Wall.   I seem to be getting quite a collection now! This is a huge chart at 450x600 stitches!

I think it will be awhile before I start Iris...

I almost completed half a page of Josephine's Spirit of Flight.  However, looking at it last night have decided I need to restart using different fabric.  I started it on 22 count Charles Craft hardanger fabric and definitely prefer the quality of the Zweigart branded hardanger I used on Umbrella...   
Dahlig was also a very different stitch to Jo Wall!  The blocks of color in Dahlig pattern were easier to make look neat on the 22ct hardanger.  However, when you add a whole lot of confetti into the picture it makes it more difficult.   I thinking I will get some 20 count Aida or Bellana...  The stitches need slightly more room with this de…

Umbrella Sky Finished!

It's finished!!! It was the best feeling ever when I filled in the last stitch :D The stitched area is 18 inches by 24 inches.
It still needs a wash (feeling a bit anxious about doing that though) and I will get it framed... The picture is taken outside in the sun/natural light:)

Umbrella Sky by Marta Dahlig
Stitched on 22 count hardanger, 2 over 1 full cross
Started January 2010, finished August 2014