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Christmas Pendant Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway I'm running a Christmas Giveaway for Crystallize By Joelle.  Details are posted on the Facebook page.  If you're interested in entering head over to Facebook for more info on how to enter the draw for the chance to win one of the six pendants pictured below!
I've pinned the Giveaway post to the top of the page.  Although, I've noticed that not all posts seem to be visible on the page at all the times for some reason.  Facebook is being a bit strange... Anyway, here is the direct link to the Giveaway post as well:
Newly finished and recently added to Etsy! Blue Shungite Pendant: Love Is In The Air A few months ago I was talking about Love is in the Air by Josephine Wall.  I've been waiting for this particular artwork to be released as a HAED since 2014!  Well despite the issues it end up being…