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A Year of Stitching

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow Things have been crazy and I've not done much stitching over the past month!  I've finally finished page six of Iris which means the top row is complete.  It's awesome to finally have a row finish!  Even though I didn't manage to finish my yearly goals, I am very happy to complete my half year goal. 

Previous Progress:
Current Progress:
Showing  off the sheer scale of it!  Pretty much covers the top of my kitchen table!:

Which to Stitch? Since I'm working on so many projects, I thought it might be fun to have vote on which pieces everyone would like to see more progress on over the next couple of months and the start of the coming new year.  Here is a reminder of all the projects I have on the go.  Please comment below to vote for your favorite!:

Enchanted Manor

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow


Of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

Rainbow Girl

Robber Bridegroom