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Happy New Year!

I’ve been working on Iris and have almost finished another page. I’ve just tucked into another confetti heavy section. The colors on this page have just been a delight to stitch. Previous Progress: Progress Update:
I’m also participating in the Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook SAL in 2015.  So for the record here is an overview where my projects are at as of 1st January 2015 (or close enough depending on your timezone;)  I have currently completed page 1&2 of the Treasure Hunt Crop and a small amount of page 3&4.  I have finished 4 pages of Nocturne and just over 1 and a half on Iris.  We'll see how much I can stitch in a year!
  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/Holidays with family and loved ones. Wishing you all lots of love and light (and wonderful hours stitching) in 2015! Happy New Year!

Butterfly Cushion

The Butterfly has finally made it onto the cushion! It’s taken awhile to get round to it but here are the steps I went through to get there!

1. I washed the stitching with quilt soap. This is also known as Orvus paste and is also used for washing horses! I brought this specially to wash Umbrella Sky with because it has no harsh chemicals and wont damage the stitching.

2. After washing I ironed it face down with a tea towel over the top to sort out any wrinkles. It was still a bit damp so I left it to dry.

3. Here I did all the measuring for the cushion cover and pinned the seams. I chopped off the excess fabric on the butterfly and sealed the edges with the fray stop.

4. More pinning and measuring to get everything centered!

5. I needed to sew on the ribbon and butterfly to the fabric before sewing up the side seams of the cushion. I hand sewed all the ribbon and it took me about five hours!

6. I sewed up the seams on the sewing machine and it is done!
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