Butterfly Cushion

The Butterfly has finally made it onto the cushion! It’s taken awhile to get round to it but here are the steps I went through to get there!

1. I washed the stitching with quilt soap. This is also known as Orvus paste and is also used for washing horses! I brought this specially to wash Umbrella Sky with because it has no harsh chemicals and wont damage the stitching.

 photo photo1smalled_zps45b778b3.jpg

2. After washing I ironed it face down with a tea towel over the top to sort out any wrinkles. It was still a bit damp so I left it to dry.
 photo photo2small_zps2186b1a6.jpg

3. Here I did all the measuring for the cushion cover and pinned the seams. I chopped off the excess fabric on the butterfly and sealed the edges with the fray stop.
 photo photo3small_zps2241e7eb.jpg

4. More pinning and measuring to get everything centered!
 photo photo8SMALL_zps6b3b2228.jpg

5. I needed to sew on the ribbon and butterfly to the fabric before sewing up the side seams of the cushion. I hand sewed all the ribbon and it took me about five hours!
 photo photo9small_zps3ce5f0d4.jpg
6. I sewed up the seams on the sewing machine and it is done! photo finishedcushion2small_zps8c59b735.jpg photo 
Click below for the cross stitch chart if you wish to make your own!
Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to you all!
  photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg  


  1. Beautiful finish! I have this pattern saved as well and will probably be doing something similar.

    1. Thanks Heather! That's awesome! I would love to see your stitching and hope you enjoy the chart:)


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