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Some Treasure & A Little More Mystery


Singing & Stitching

I’ve finished page 6 of Nocturne, which means the whole top row is now finished! This is tented on 25 count lugana using 2 over 1 on the light colours and 3 over 1 on the dark and mid tones.

Previous progress:
Current progress:

I extended my Q-snap from an 11x17 to a 14x20 inch frame. Nocturne now fits perfectly across the width of the frame, which means no frame creases in the sides!!!

When I ordered the Q-snap extension kit I also got a small 8x8 inch frame for the Mystery Chart… Well the 8x8 inch has actually now morphed into an 11x11 inch thanks to the extra extension kit in my box of q-snap goodies! Anyway, the Mystery Chart now snaps nicely into my microphone stand… and I’m singing away … I mean stitching away! ;)

Q-snap Goodies:

Bird Song I’ve dived into page two of the mystery chart and the birds are taking shape. The top row is only two pages… I’m thinking I will change approach and cross country the whole next row once this row is done. I normally work cross count…