Singing & Stitching

I’ve finished page 6 of Nocturne, which means the whole top row is now finished! This is tented on 25 count lugana using 2 over 1 on the light colours and 3 over 1 on the dark and mid tones.

Previous progress:  photo IMG_2621_zpsfibbsidn.jpg
Current progress:  photo IMG_3653_zpsbij71hkz.jpg
Current progress:  photo IMG_3655_zpsm1om2xga.jpg

I extended my Q-snap from an 11x17 to a 14x20 inch frame. Nocturne now fits perfectly across the width of the frame, which means no frame creases in the sides!!!
 photo IMG_3664_zpspy0dgtcv.jpg

When I ordered the Q-snap extension kit I also got a small 8x8 inch frame for the Mystery Chart… Well the 8x8 inch has actually now morphed into an 11x11 inch thanks to the extra extension kit in my box of q-snap goodies! Anyway, the Mystery Chart now snaps nicely into my microphone stand… and I’m singing away … I mean stitching away! ;)

Q-snap Goodies:  photo IMG_3170_zps1dofhuyw.jpg

Bird Song

I’ve dived into page two of the mystery chart and the birds are taking shape. The top row is only two pages… I’m thinking I will change approach and cross country the whole next row once this row is done. I normally work cross country one page at a time but work in a contained area of the page. With all this confetti it makes more sense to move out of the containment area in order to minimalize colour changes as much as possible and hopefully speed the stitching up!

Previous progress:
  photo IMG_3516_zpszdb6qxst.jpg
Current progress:  photo IMG_3567_zpsx0cxaswu.jpg

Until next time keep singing… or stitching… or both! xx
  photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg 


  1. Congrats on the row finish! It's looking beautiful!

  2. Good progress! I'm going to try cross country on my next project.

    1. I like cross country, guess I'm usually pretty "tame" with it rather than doing an "extreme" version though! I usually stick to one page at a time because having lots on un-stitched stitches all over the place drives me batty!!! Glad you are planning to try cross country Heather! You have some great projects lined up to test it out on :)

  3. Well done Megan, Nocturne is looking great!! and the Bird song is so beautiful :)

  4. Well done on another page and love the bird in the flowers too.

  5. Looks beautiful. I love the bird and flower... And I will just keep on stitching... I will leave the singing part out!!! hahaha

  6. You have been very busy! Everything looks wonderful.

  7. Amazing progress Megan! I stitch cross-country too but don't like to stray too far...


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