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Mixing Up My Stands & Strands!

I’ve been considering my stitching set up after seeing an influx of posts on stands and frames in the Facebook groups. I’ve always balanced my q-snap frame between the bench and chair in order to be able to stitch using the two-handed method.

My stitching set up: (featuring with my two goldfish Flounder and Finn, swimming around in the shadows!):

After seeing all these posts on stands, I started to wonder whether a needlework stand would make life easier by giving me more options...  (You guys are going to have a laugh at me on this and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!) I’m a musician and into audio stuff, so naturally there are a few microphone stands lying around the place.  It all of a sudden occurred to me that a mic stand would also work perfectly as a needlework stand!  In fact the q-snap is just the right width to snap into the microphone clip!

Check it out:

So far it’s working great! I can easily adjust the height of the stitching and the angle of the boom…

The Three Little Birds… Oops… I mean The Three Rather Large New Starts!

The Three Little Birds is a Grimm Fairytale and there seems to be a fairytale theme going on at the moment with my newest chart acquisition. As previously mentioned Heather from Fantasy Cross Stitch gifted me with a chart. Thanks again Heather! At the same time she decided to purchase her first HAED, the gorgeous Rapunzel chart by Annya Kai. So we have both picked fairytale charts! The chart I choose was Robber Bridegroom by Rachel Marks. As a rule I don’t normally gravitate towards the monochromatic designs since I’m such a big fan of color! However, I broke the rules for this chart. It just really spoke to me.

Chart Mock-up:

Link to chart

Time to stock up on black LOL! There are 24 skiens of black needed for 25 count but I’ll need more than that on the 20 count. My current estimate based on what I’ve stitched so far is about 40 skiens! It’s not all that bleak though! There are actually 16 different colours in this chart. The charts I have been working with have anywh…

Easter Giveaway Announcement!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Easter Giveaway!  I’ve enjoyed looking at the charts you all love, as well as visiting your blogs.

I wanted to draw this on video so you could see it was done randomly. So here goes:

Congratulations to the winner!  I will get the chart sent through as soon as possible but please be aware that we may be in different timezones so that may delay the process :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter or holiday!
Wishing you all many happy hours of stitching!