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Bits & Pieces…

I'm feeling a bit dismayed by the scale of restoring all the photos on my blog since the "Photobucket Incident".So far, there are around 500 photos I've been working to re-match to all my blogs!Thankfully most of them have the date labelled on them, which sort of helps.  It's still a work in progress, so if you're exploring my earlier blogs then you may find some images still missing. Unfinished Bits & Matisse'sI’ve completed a few little projects I’ve been meaning to do for some time… Matisse (my cat) destroyed her scratchy pole… Rather than purchase a new one I decided to restore it using the small amount of green rope leftover from making the rope mat back in May.I also purchased some more sisal rope for the top.  A big thank-you also goes out to my neighbor Rob for the hot-glue gun and for helping to re-stick and splice the rope!
Here are the results: Before, Totally Destroyed... lol!: After, Totally Restored: Matisse's Trail of DestructionOne day…

Blog Issues

Apologies for Blog Picture Display Issues

I just wanted to post a quick apology to all my blog followers.  I have used Photobucket image hosting on my blog for quite some time.  Over the past couple of days Photobucket have now changed their policies so that it costs 399 US dollars a year to display photos on a "third party site" such as Blogger.  As a consequence of this change, most of the photos on my blog (and no doubt thousands and thousands of other people's blogs and websites) are not displaying.  

I was not aware of this policy change until today!  Over the next couple of weeks (maybe even months) I will be working to reinstate all the pictures on my blog.  I will need to move them to another hosting platform and re-link them all. Please bear with me through the process of getting this sorted.