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Apologies for Blog Picture Display Issues

I just wanted to post a quick apology to all my blog followers.  I have used Photobucket image hosting on my blog for quite some time.  Over the past couple of days Photobucket have now changed their policies so that it costs 399 US dollars a year to display photos on a "third party site" such as Blogger.  As a consequence of this change, most of the photos on my blog (and no doubt thousands and thousands of other people's blogs and websites) are not displaying.  

I was not aware of this policy change until today!  Over the next couple of weeks (maybe even months) I will be working to reinstate all the pictures on my blog.  I will need to move them to another hosting platform and re-link them all. Please bear with me through the process of getting this sorted.




  1. That is horrible! I have never been a fan of Photobucket (although I started out with it), but have used Flickr long enough to have been Grandfathered into their old plan and only pay $24.99 a year, but now that Verizon has bought them out, I'm a bit terrified as to what is going to happen with all my pics on there. Photo hosting sites just aren't fair!

    1. Apparently Photobucket was sold and it's the new company that brought it who have decided to change policy. It's kind of unfair that they haven't implemented the "Grandfathering" Concept to honour the previous terms and conditions for photos uploaded prior to their policy change... 😑Think I might just shift to Blogger rather than trust another 3rd party service!

  2. $400 a year is ridiculous!

    I had a similar issue (though they did not do it as quickly as photobucket) and decided I was tired of paying to store my photos online. So now I just upload all my photos directly to Blogger rather than mess with a 3rd party site. After I upload them to Blogger I save them to my removable back up drive for saving keeping.

    1. I know! It works out to be about $520 Australian dollars for the cheapest "3rd party website" plan! 😳 It's just a bit of an unfortunate situation and it's shame we weren't given notice...

  3. All good honey. I have to check out my Photobucket account now. I don't use it for blogging but I do for the HAED Bulletin Board. I wouldn't mind paying a small fee but if I have to pay $520 then I'm outta there. That is absolutely appalling to charge those kind of rates. What a pain for you to have to re-link all your pics. I hope it doesn't take you too long.
    xo Alicia

    1. I looked on the BB to check its situation the other week and all the pictures there are still displaying. Maybe it's something to do with the site using thumbnails rather than full-sized images... But I think your images on the board should be all good Alicia. 😁 It took about a day to compile about 500 pictures off the computer and Photobucket. So far it's taken me 2 hours to restore 4 blogs! It's going to take months to fix at this rate and unfortunately I don't have much internet data, so I have been visiting the library to work on it. πŸ˜” Thinking I might cut all the "project pages"
      And just restore the blog sections to reduce the scale. Luckily most of the images are dated and labelled, which makes it a bit easier to work out where they are meant to go. It's still a bit of a nightmare though!


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