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Sail Away

Ocean Plait Rope Mat The Ocean Plait Mat is woven from rope.  It is also known as a Sailor's True Love Mat, a Ladder Mat or a Prolong Knot!  Traditionally used by Sailor's, it is considered an ancient form of knot tying with a Celtic influence.  Marine rope was (and still is) used to weave hard wearing, decorative mats.  Rope mats are often a common feature on sailing boats or nautical themed decor.   Although any type of thick gauge rope can be used, braided ropes are a good choice for a softer, more luxurious result. 

I decided it would be fun to have a shot at weaving the longer version of the Ocean Plait using the "Prolong Knot."
Braided poly rope: 30 metres of black and 30 metres of green; 

Outline: I used pegs to hold the first round together!:


After 4 rounds I didn't have any green left, so started with the black outline:

Finished!  Although, I still need to secure the ends... was thinking a hot glue gun would be the best way to do this.  It…

Three Wishes

My Sister Laura has decided to make a diamond painting of "Three Wishes" by Josephine Wall.  I really like this piece and think the two figures at the bottom of the piece could easily be a good representation of her and I! :)

Three Wishes by Josephine Wall, Max Colour, Regular Chart from Heaven & Earth Designs:

The materials for "Three Wishes" were ordered from the "Little Home" Store on AliExpress and they arrived just the other week. This will be a very large piece at 139 by 163cm... In fact, it covers a queen size bed comfortably!   I had a giggle after unpacking it... talk about make a mess... I promise the cat was not involved at all lol! ;)

Laura wanted all the diamonds sorted and labelled using the same storage containers I used for my Spirit of Flight diamond painting. A few people were asking where to buy these storage containers as well.  They were purchased from here & here.   Now it's all kitted up and ready to start... There…