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Ocean Plait Rope Mat

The Ocean Plait Mat is woven from rope.  It is also known as a Sailor's True Love Mat, a Ladder Mat or a Prolong Knot!  Traditionally used by Sailor's, it is considered an ancient form of knot tying with a Celtic influence.  Marine rope was (and still is) used to weave hard wearing, decorative mats.  Rope mats are often a common feature on sailing boats or nautical themed decor.   Although any type of thick gauge rope can be used, braided ropes are a good choice for a softer, more luxurious result. 

I decided it would be fun to have a shot at weaving the longer version of the Ocean Plait using the "Prolong Knot."
Braided poly rope: 30 metres of black and 30 metres of green; 

Outline: I used pegs to hold the first round together!:


After 4 rounds I didn't have any green left, so started with the black outline:

Finished!  Although, I still need to secure the ends... was thinking a hot glue gun would be the best way to do this.  It's about 35 by 88cm and I used about 50 metres of the rope in the end:

Overall, it took roughly 15 hours to make.  It was actually quite tricky to get the knot right, so I had to start it a few times! Getting the tension even and the sizing right is also tricky.

Cheep Cheeep!!!

I've also finished the large birdy on my Spirit of Flight Diamond Painting!
Before & After:

Happy Stitching! xxx


  1. The mat look great - just curious though, what was the finished size?

    1. Thanks Kaelyn! The mat ended up being 35cm wide and 88cm long 😊

    2. Megan, I can't seem to find the normal space to fill in my comments on your work, so I'll do it here. Also I see "subscribe" on top... But I am following your blog allready.. Do you know maybe, what could be wrong?
      I SO love how you are doing things a bit differently at this moment. I think it's just wonderful. A diamond painted haed.. Now this.. I love it.

    3. That's strange... I changed the template not long back, so maybe something odd happened with the switch. Thanks for letting me know as I didn't notice that was happening! I'll check all the settings tomorrow and let you know once I've figured It out. I'm a bit all over the place with creative projects at the moment, it feels like there is lots happening! Thank you for your support Natascha, it's wonderful to hear you're liking the new projectsπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

    4. Just a quick update on the comments... The comments box is still at the bottom of the page but the background was transparent, making it quite difficult to see! I think this may be why you were having issues locating it Natascha :) I've gone in and changed the coding so it's now much more visible! Sorry for the confusion :D

  2. That mat looks cool! You did a great job on it and I love how you are always trying new things! Your Diamond Painting looks great too.

  3. Thank you Stitching Angel! Apologies as I accidentally deleted your post. The chart is a Heaven and Earth Designs and the canvas and diamonds were purchased from AliExpress. The Seller I purchased from has been linked multiple times in previous posts and there are also links for them and several other Sellers in the "Diamond Painting" Document in the Downloads section. I will post the particular links for the Seller I purchased from again here, but you will need to copy and paste into your address bar :)

    The Seller from the “Little Home” (Xpress Show foreign trade) has said you can mention my name (Megan Hall) and they will discount your order:
    Where I purchased diamonds:

    There are only two stores (that I’m currently aware of) which list the blank gridded canvas in custom sizes. However, many of the Sellers who do custom charts will most likely also have access to the canvas, so you can always ask any of them! The Seller I brought from only added it as a listing after I enquired about it.
    Where I purchased canvas:

  4. Very cool mat, I bet it is great to wash. Are you planning on building another one? The bird looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Bekah! I'm going to make another mat for a gift. It will be a bit smaller and a different colour. I haven't brought the rope for it yet, but will get started on it soon 😊

  5. Lovely progress on your Diamond Painting =) The bird looks fantastic =) Your weaving looks great, too =)

  6. Wow amazing progress on your diamond painting. It looks so beautiful. I love your mat too. It was very interesting to see how you worked it. Great colour too. Good job stunner
    xo Alicia

    1. It probably seems like odd idea to use clothes pegs to hold the mat together... They really did make it easier to weave though!!! Thanks Alicia 😁


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