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Challenge #2, 22 Colours in 22 Days!!

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow has been pulled out for the Official HAED Facebook Challenge #2.  I chose to work on this chart because there's a ton of confetti on page four.  A detailed page like this would typically take two months to stitch using my usual cross country method.  The challenge goes for two months, so I may be pushing my luck to get it completed!  I'm intrigued to test whether this new "Challenge method" will speed things up and be a more effective way of working. 

Previous Update:

Progress at Start of Challenge:

The Challenge involves stitching one colour at a time over the whole page before moving onto the next colour.  This is different to how I usually work, using a variety of colours in a confined space.  I started out stitching colours with the most stitches in order to get an area to anchor surrounding stitches to.  Then switched to random selection, choosing the symbols which stuck out the most! Gridding does seem essential when working like t…


You Are What You Eat My sister stitched this piece and gifted it to me years ago! I didn’t have a space to hang it at the time so put it away. It got unearthed while sorting through things and I realized it would look great hanging in my kitchen!

Silly Snobs Designs "You Are What You Eat"
Stitched by Laura Graco
18 count aida 2 over 1

I felt inspired to play around with adding colour to create a bit more excitement… So I experimented with some food dye and added some metallic thread. The separator lines were extended and I added a colour pattern to them in tent stitch! I need to straighten the gold matt but here it is now:
More Fish On the subject of fish… I was very lucky to receive Antiquated Thoughts as an Easter RAK from Sandra Popek. I love the goldfish in this! A big thank you to Sandra for her gift! I think this one will make an awesome companion piece to Umbrella Sky with it's goldfish.

Antiquated Thoughts by Annie Stegg
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