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Buried Treasure

Back to Stitching... Treasure Hunt Bookshelf has been buried in my wip pile for awhile, so I decided to get it out and stitch for a bit!  I last worked on this back in June 2015!  With so many wips, it's kind of unavoidable that some of them start to get neglected.   Still it's been such a long time since working on it, that it almost felt like a new start lol!

Reminder of the Cropped Version I'm Stitching of Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart:
Regular Chart by Heaven and Earth Designs:

Before & After:

Happy Stitching!!! xxx

A Golden Thread

Cosy Stripe BlanketMy Cosy Stripe Blanket is almost halfway with 43 stripes (86 rows) completed.  I've had golden thread sitting in my stash for quite some time and decided to crochet it into one of the stripes.  I'm hoping there will be enough leftover to do another golden stripe later on too!  I've also got some metallic bronze to introduce into the colour palette as well! 

Matisse and I snuggling up and crocheting the golden thread into the latest stripe:

It's been really fun using so many different colours.  I do have a plan I'm working off... but I've also spontaneously changed things as I go along, so the colour order hasn't been completely set in stone.   The pattern is from Lucy at Attic 24

Previous progress at 18 stripes:

WIP, 22 stripes:

WIP, 27 stripes:

WIP, 30 stripes:

WIP, working on stripe 34:

Stripes 34 to 43 close up:

Current progress, 43 stripes/86 rows:

Happy Stitching! xxx