A Golden Thread

Cosy Stripe Blanket

My Cosy Stripe Blanket is almost halfway with 43 stripes (86 rows) completed.  I've had golden thread sitting in my stash for quite some time and decided to crochet it into one of the stripes.  I'm hoping there will be enough leftover to do another golden stripe later on too!  I've also got some metallic bronze to introduce into the colour palette as well! 

Matisse and I snuggling up and crocheting the golden thread into the latest stripe:
 photo IMG_4100_zpsg1o6f7f7.jpg

It's been really fun using so many different colours.  I do have a plan I'm working off... but I've also spontaneously changed things as I go along, so the colour order hasn't been completely set in stone.   The pattern is from Lucy at Attic 24

Previous progress at 18 stripes:
 photo IMG_3142_zpsom4fk5yq.jpg
WIP, 22 stripes:
 photo IMG_3240_zpsnz5poj48.jpg
WIP, 27 stripes:
 photo IMG_3303_zps6padyeqm.jpg 
 photo IMG_3306_zpshng8bgwl.jpg
WIP, 30 stripes:
 photo IMG_3439_zpsvzl9ogfn.jpg
WIP, working on stripe 34:
 photo IMG_3758_zpsbo0jkc5u.jpg
Stripes 34 to 43 close up:
 photo IMG_4110_zps719emjic.jpg
Current progress, 43 stripes/86 rows:
 photo IMG_4124_zpslsouixzm.jpg

Happy Stitching! xxx
 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Looks fantastic!! I'm in love with your beautiful crochet work :)

    1. It's been so much fun to work on! Thank you Ingrid :D

  2. Oh, such pretty colors! I love the idea of using the golden thread, I'm sure it will look pretty and it will make the blanket even more unique =)

    1. Thanks Johanna, I can't wait to get to the bronze metallic stripe!!!😊

  3. Your stripes are looking very nice! I love how the colors look next to each other and can't wait to see the finish!

    1. Thanks Faith! I've really enjoyed using all the different coloured yarns in my stash!

  4. It looks very beautiful and couzy (I think that's the word for very warm) Great job Megan :D

    1. Thank you Karen, the blanket is very cozy (comfortable & warm). It's now big enough to drape over my legs and keep me warm while I'm stitching it! It's pretty chilly here at the moment, so it's certainly been useful! :D

  5. Your blanket is coming along nicely with all the different colours, great job Megan. Now can I put a rush order in for one, it's been freezing out camping the last few days. :)

    1. Did Ralph steal the blankets you took lol?! Thanks Rob!

  6. What a gorgeous colors. I love your work.


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