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Curiouser & Curiouser!

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards I’ve come back to the Alice in Wonderland inspired chart I’m stitching by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This one is a bit of fun and funnily enough I am stitching it sideways… It makes me think of Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole and it’s kind of appropriate to not stitch this one the “right way up” or the “normal” way! Here is start on the next page:

Previous Progress:

Current Progress:
The Curious thing about Stitching Sideways: I stitch landscape orientation charts sideways because they fit better on the q-snap frame that way. It means I don't have the snaps digging into the stitching as much (which I feel can damage the stitching to a certain extent, even with fabric between the snaps and stitches).

Sideways... Here is a tutorial on Sideways Stitching for everyone who is unsure about how to approach it and interested in trying it out!  For future reference I’ll make the pdf file permanently available on my downloads page.

Tutorial Excerpt: (Pl…

A Rainbow Checkerboard

Diagonal Challenge #1 There are six challenges to be posted on the Official HAED Facebook page this year. The first challenge involved stitching 1000 stitches in 10x10 diagonal blocks. I pulled out Rainbow Girl for this and it was nice to change things up and work differently to normal!

A Game of Chess! I don't usually park but it made sense to do so when working in blocks.   Even though lines are not meant to form working diagonally, I still felt slightly apprehensive about the possibly of this happening.  I figured parking may lessen the risk by helping to even out the tension between squares.


Although I kind of like the checkerboard effect, overall I didn’t take to this way of stitching and found it more time consuming than my usual preferred cross country method.  I didn’t enjoy being confined to working in blocks...  Having to stay in the box drove me crazy lol!  I did like the fact I wasn’t reaching for floss bobbins much when working all the parked…