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The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards

I’ve come back to the Alice in Wonderland inspired chart I’m stitching by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This one is a bit of fun and funnily enough I am stitching it sideways… It makes me think of Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole and it’s kind of appropriate to not stitch this one the “right way up” or the “normal” way! Here is start on the next page:

Previous Progress:
 photo IMG_4176_zps2z2r2pte.jpg
Current Progress:
 photo IMG_6241_zpswgbmrlwa.jpg
 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.37.42 AM_zpsgn8kgerz.png

The Curious thing about Stitching Sideways:

I stitch landscape orientation charts sideways because they fit better on the q-snap frame that way. It means I don't have the snaps digging into the stitching as much (which I feel can damage the stitching to a certain extent, even with fabric between the snaps and stitches).

 photo IMG_6219_zpsuj9ej13t.jpg


Here is a tutorial on Sideways Stitching for everyone who is unsure about how to approach it and interested in trying it out!  For future reference I’ll make the pdf file permanently available on my downloads page.

Tutorial Excerpt: (Please download PDF for more information and for Stitching Right to Left):  photo Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.27.24 PM_zpszxedbi1s.png
 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.30.53 PM_zpsk00djrds.png

 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.27.24 PM_zpszxedbi1s.png

 photo 0f76c14ed065eec5380072776c2423f9_zpsvwjb1hvl.jpg

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Awesome progress! It's a great design to stitch sideways.

  2. The colours in this one are just beautiful and you made a great start. Thanks for the tutorial, I always worry that my stitches will get squashed by Qsnaps too.

    1. Thank you Justine! I do like the tautness the q-snaps allow, but do get concerned about the fabric stretching evenly as well :)

  3. Thx for the tutorial :-) It helps to turn your piece as some frame are really not big enough and if they are big enough than they lack stability :-)

    1. You're welcome Els :D It can be tricky to make frames work with the some of the rather large chart sizes! I would imagine it may potentially be difficult to get really good tension on the fabric with an overly large frame too :)

  4. Beautiful progress, this is such a lovely design.

  5. It has occurred to me to turn the pattern when I'm stitching a horizontal project (because I just don't work well on those), but my brain can't wrap itself around thinking sideways! Congrats on being able to accomplish it!

    1. It does take a little bit to get used to Keebles! The initial set up is probably the trickiest part, hence the tutorial. Once everything is up and running it's just a matter of getting used to reading the pattern on the side. It's like anything new really... in time it can become a familiar and comfortable way of working :)

  6. Beautiful stitching! I love this pattern so much. It's been in my wish list for awhile now, and after seeing your project, I think I might have to buy it and have yet another new start this year. Glad I found your blog. I'll be by again.

  7. Thank you Delana! I just visited you blog. Love your QS Basilisk project and your wall quilts are lovely too! There are too many gorgeous charts and not enough time lol ;) Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. Another large and beautiful design you've chosen to stitch. I look forward to watching your progress. :)


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