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A Happy Dance!

A big thank-you to Sandra Popek for the RAK she sent me and the beautiful sentiment along with it!  I received the chart for Rainbow Girl II by Josephine Wall. I'm very excited about stitching this one.


Link to chart

Slipping, Sliding, Twirling... 
I just happened to have a piece of 25 count fabric the perfect size for this chart.  I've been doing lots of test patches on 25 and 28 count fabric recently in order to get the hang of stitching on it.  Having never attempted to stitch 1 over 1 full cross on these counts I was surprised to find it so difficult.  I was having trouble with the stitches slipping and trying to get them to sit neatly seemed impossible.  So after doing some research I discovered the following techniques which help to stop stitches slipping (therefore they also impact coverage and neatness).  Apologies if you have all seen my posts from facebook already!  I got so excited about my discovery that I just had to share it twice! ;) 

Link to further exp…

An Ode to Metallic Thread!

I’ve started stitching Robber Bridegroom again! I was really excited to find that DMC have darker metallic thread in their light effects range corresponding with the 310 and 317 in this chart. The light effects e310 is a shiny black colour and I’ve decided it will look amazing blended in with the normal DMC black for the hair. I also got some e3747 along with the e317 to work in with some of the lighter more blue based tones in the clothing.

Here are all the metallic threads I will be using: Tresure Braid PB10, Kreinik 032,  Light Effects e310, e317, e3747 and e5200:
I have a pretty extensive plan for adding the metallic threads to the chart. The plan is based on some test patches I did with a whole lot of different blends of metallic threads combined with particular DMC threads in the chart. Also I’ve been through the whole pattern and looked at what colours are where to give me an idea of how to blend and combine threads. I’ve just got to bring out the metallic’s now I’ve launched…