An Ode to Metallic Thread!

I’ve started stitching Robber Bridegroom again! I was really excited to find that DMC have darker metallic thread in their light effects range corresponding with the 310 and 317 in this chart. The light effects e310 is a shiny black colour and I’ve decided it will look amazing blended in with the normal DMC black for the hair. I also got some e3747 along with the e317 to work in with some of the lighter more blue based tones in the clothing.

Here are all the metallic threads I will be using:
Tresure Braid PB10, Kreinik 032,  Light Effects e310, e317, e3747 and e5200:

I have a pretty extensive plan for adding the metallic threads to the chart. The plan is based on some test patches I did with a whole lot of different blends of metallic threads combined with particular DMC threads in the chart. Also I’ve been through the whole pattern and looked at what colours are where to give me an idea of how to blend and combine threads. I’ve just got to bring out the metallic’s now I’ve launched into stitching page three!  It’s very difficult to capture just how sparkly it is. It’s very pretty in reality and it’s annoying that my camera won't capture it very well. I’ve done some close up progress shots to try to convey the colours and metallic threads in a truer light:

The collar and cuff of the man’s tunic will both be sparkly. I am adding some light effects to the highlighted areas of the skin only. This will give it a slight sheen but it will be a subtle effect in comparison to the clothing sections that have metallics.

Previous Progress:

Page 3 completed:

I am stitching the DMC normal floss first… then I go over it with one strand of the metallic so the metallic sits on top for maximum sparkle/effect! I am using different amounts of threads depending on the colour and also depending on whether there is a metallic added to it.  Also, I sometimes drop a strand if using more than 2 strands in a confetti heavy sections in order to stop the stitching from becoming bulky.

This is an outline of what I’m doing:

As to what I’m blending with what... well it’s different depending on what section of the chart is in question!  In case anyone is interested for the collar I used:
Light effects e317 over the 317
Light effects e3747 over 415
Treasure Braid PB10 over 3072
Kreinik 032 over 762

I’m excited to see how it evolves! It’s fun putting my own stamp on it by adding the metallic threads! 


  1. It is soo much fun to stitch with metalics, isn't it! I can see the sparkle and it will be absolutely beautiful once it is finished!!

    1. Thanks Annie... The metallic threads are great! I love a bit of sparkle! It is my first time trying out the light effects and I've found that they really like to fray... but still they are pretty :D

  2. Love the addition of metallic threads! I did a kit with metallic filament and I couldn't get the sparkle to show up on camera either :/

    1. Thanks Kaelyn! The sparkles are difficult to capture on camera!

  3. I can see the sparkles in the close ups very clearly. You're on a big challenge with this one... Where to put the sparkle or not.
    Very much looking forward to follow this one.

    1. Absolutely! The challenge is to balance it out and not go too over the top with the sparkles! I definately have a clear vision for it and feel my additions will enhance the piece in a positive way :)

  4. Ooo it's looking great! Good luck with the light effects thread I had such a hard time with it. I love the e317 color this will look great finished. I'm having the same problem with trying to photograph the sparklies pain in the butt lol

    1. Thanks Heather! Despite the fact that the light effects do like being troublesome I enjoyed stitching this page immensely! In fact it was hard to put it down and I zoomed through it in about 5 or 6 days :D

  5. Huge project AND metallics? You are officially crazy! I bet it looks stunning though.


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