Challenge #2, 22 Colours in 22 Days!!

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow has been pulled out for the Official HAED Facebook Challenge #2.  I chose to work on this chart because there's a ton of confetti on page four.  A detailed page like this would typically take two months to stitch using my usual cross country method.  The challenge goes for two months, so I may be pushing my luck to get it completed!  I'm intrigued to test whether this new "Challenge method" will speed things up and be a more effective way of working. 

Previous Update:
 photo IMG_3286_zps6vlavymm.jpg
Progress at Start of Challenge:
 photo WP_20160401_001_zpsppnkwcv4.jpg

The Challenge involves stitching one colour at a time over the whole page before moving onto the next colour.  This is different to how I usually work, using a variety of colours in a confined space.  I started out stitching colours with the most stitches in order to get an area to anchor surrounding stitches to.  Then switched to random selection, choosing the symbols which stuck out the most! Gridding does seem essential when working like this, otherwise it becomes very easy to make mistakes.  Even with the grid I accidentally went over one column too far and had to frog some stitches, which is a rare occurrence for me… Thankfully the mishap was caught quickly due to the gridlines!

First 11 colours completed on page 4:
 photo Mid-point_zpsxs1uqjtu.jpg
First 22 colours completed on page 4:
 photo IMG_673922colours_zpszru1vyz0.jpg
Close up of page 4 :
 photo IMG_6736close_zpssbfiw9an.jpg

There are 120 colours in this chart… They are not all on this page but there are certainly many more colours to fill in.  Fingers crossed this page will be finished before the Challenge finishes!

Hope you're all enjoying your stitching and are having fun with the Challenge if you're joining in! xx

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Good luck it looks gorgeous! I haven't started the challenge yet but I will be right after I finish this page!

    1. Thanks :) Looking forward to seeing your challenge stitching Heather!

  2. Oh, I think you'll have no trouble finishing it. There's still plenty of time! It looks great.

    1. Thanks Kaelyn! Willl have to start doing more than one colour a day to finish it in the two month timeframe though, as there's definitely more than 60 colours there! Need a couple of days break from the confetti thrown in there too lol! ;)

  3. Awesome stitching! You've done a lot of progress and it's coming along nicely.

  4. Great multi-coloured little crosses, you've made really good progress.

  5. Thanks Ingrid :) Having to stick with one colour for the whole page helps build anticipation for what colour may be the next random pick! So far that has made this method more exciting than I initially thought it would be!

  6. Fantastic progress =) Iris looks amazing, all those colors are so lovely =) It makes me want to take out my own Iris and do some work on her =)

    1. Thank you Joanna! It's been great watching your progress on the SS SK Iris, I'm intrigued to see how the colours will stitch up. They seem to be looking a bit lighter than the regular version so far. Do keep stitching, it is beautiful! :)

  7. I always stitch cross country but can understand your concerns if you're not used to it. You've made great progress so far. I hope your second month is just as successful. :)


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