Three Wishes

My Sister Laura has decided to make a diamond painting of "Three Wishes" by Josephine Wall.  I really like this piece and think the two figures at the bottom of the piece could easily be a good representation of her and I! :)

Three Wishes by Josephine Wall, Max Colour, Regular Chart from Heaven & Earth Designs:
 photo Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.28.26 PM_zpswgcsokg2.png

The materials for "Three Wishes" were ordered from the "Little Home" Store on AliExpress and they arrived just the other week. This will be a very large piece at 139 by 163cm... In fact, it covers a queen size bed comfortably!   I had a giggle after unpacking it... talk about make a mess... I promise the cat was not involved at all lol! ;)
 photo IMG_3343_zpsievttd86.jpg
 photo IMG_3357_zpsy530j102.jpg
 photo IMG_3359_zpsrcpixaak.jpg
 photo IMG_3355_zpsw7ncrbkr.jpg

Laura wanted all the diamonds sorted and labelled using the same storage containers I used for my Spirit of Flight diamond painting. A few people were asking where to buy these storage containers as well.  They were purchased from here & here.   Now it's all kitted up and ready to start... There are so many pretty colours... 240 of them to be exact!
 photo IMG_3519_zpsnk6l3zkt.jpg
 photo IMG_3467_zpsnh9qarzg.jpg

Discounts on Diamonds!

Laura's materials where ordered from the "Little Home" Shop on AliExpress (also known as Xpress show foreign trade).  This Seller has promised a discount to anyone who would like to order diamond painting materials if mention my name (Megan Hall).  I'm not receiving any benefit for this, but have already received generous discounts with the two orders I have placed with them.  They have also provided wonderful Customer Service, so I'm happy to promote them!  They said they would give the same discount I received.  The rate they charged for both orders I placed was a wholesale 0.045US cents per 1.3-1.4gram bag.  The rate on the canvas varies according to size but I've found them to be generous in the price offered for this as well.  It's best to contact them and request a quote for the design you are interested in doing.  There is more information posted in the Resources below.

Resource Update

I have added additional information and pictures to the Diamond Painting PDF & updated the Order Spreadsheet.   Thanks to Heidi from the Facebook Group for her idea to add an extra feature to the spreadsheet!

Spreadsheet Update Version 2: The Spreadsheet now calculates the sum of the stitch count column. The total stitch count/number of diamonds in the chart is displayed on the last page of the Spreadsheet on the very last row.  This means you can double check all the numbers entered into the stitch count column are equal to the total number of stitches in your chart. You can work out the total number of stitches in your chart by multiplying the stitch count width by the stitch count length. If this number is not the same as the summed total at the bottom of the Spreadsheet, then it indicates there is an error somewhere in the inputted stitch count data. If this happens, you will need to double check all the numbers entered are correct!

Diamond Painting General Information, Links, FAQ and Order Information PDF
Spreadsheet Diamond Order Excel Document

Spirit of Flight Page Finish

I've finished my 5th and 6th page on Spirit of Flight.  It's been fun making the large bird on this page and part of her face has also appeared!

Previous progress:
 photo IMG_3282_zps9rtyifkc.jpg
Current wip pics:
 photo IMG_3592all_zpsnrzjcury.jpg
 photo IMG_3595_zps6udtmd8m.jpg
Reminder of artwork:
 photo spirit1024_zps8w9oxxcw.jpg photo IMG_3609all_zpskbwdjnlb.jpg
 photo IMG_3580_zps9czaifh5.jpg
 photo IMG_3582_zpsoyvpt5mf.jpg

Happy Stitching! xxx
 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Wow!!! Amazing progress!!! No wonder your sister has decided to join the fun with her own!
    I cannot believe how big these models are going to be, they are huge! Hope you both have planned on which wall these are going to be displayed & admired :) Have fun with your diamonds.

    1. Laura's piece is much larger than mine lol! She does have a specific spot picked out for it πŸ’– I haven't decided how to finish mine yet but my space is a bit more limited... I'm really enjoying it though and can't wait to see Laura start on hers! ❤️πŸ”Ά♦️πŸ”Ά♦️πŸ”Ά♦️❤️

  2. You have made lots of progress Megan and it looks great! I look forward to seeing your sister's progress once she starts. Will you be posting for her or does she have her own blog?

    I still love that awesome rug you have there!

    1. Thank you Faith! Laura is in the HAED Diamond Painting group but doesn't tend to post much and doesn't currently have a blog...I am definitely happy to post progress pictures here if she is happy for that to happen! 😊 There might not be any progress for awhile though because she is very busy and doesn't have much spare time at the moment. I'll let her know that you would love to watch her project take shape!πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ˜ƒ

  3. It's just fantastic that you've done this! I did try diamond painting for a while, but I did find myself getting bored with it faster than stitching (plus I missed stitching). But turning a HAED into a diamond painting might be the cure for that! Considering my JBG stash, it might be neat to turn one of hers into a diamond painting!

    1. Thanks! :D Jasmine's art would look fantastic as diamond paintings! It might be fun having another shot at it with a chart from your stash :D I'm finding it nice to have a bit of a break from stitching. I'm still crocheting my throw blanket at the moment too... So many projects lol!!!


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