Some Treasure & A Little More Mystery

Some Treasure:

Treasure Hunt is moving along slowly… I’ve started on page five of the cropped chart. Stitching this in conjunction with the Mystery Chart has me suck in a pit of never ending confetti!

Previous progress:
   photo IMG_3126_zpsjxqsylbq.jpg
Current progress:  The hourglass is starting to appear!
  photo IMG_3850_zpsgqhd5qb6.jpg  photo IMG_3848_zpsrzmvptma.jpg


Update on the Floss Organizer

If you haven’t already noticed the Floss Organizer I made has recently been revised.  I added a skein estimator, percentage calculator and fabric calculator. Since the document has become quite fancy, I also created a User Guide to make it easier to navigate through the different sections and see how it all works. These are both available on the downloads page.


A Little More Mystery:

Here is where the Mystery Chart is at! I’m falling behind with this one and need to get a move on with it!

Previous progress:  photo IMG_3567_zpsx0cxaswu.jpg

Current progress:  photo IMG_3746_zpsgathypcy.jpg 

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg 


  1. It's horrible, doing all these confetti stitches isn't it? I always try to divide it.. Each time I take thread that I can do at once. Than I take a thread and look where most of the confettistitches are.. But I alwasy try to do both. Just doing confetti would make me crazy..
    And I adore your mystery work... And if you don't mind.... I would like to "steal" your idea...... I am feeling a new start coming up.... And maybe a mystery item would be nice... Loooove the idea.

    1. I normally rotate between pieces with confetti and block stitching to make it more bearable. I can't do this currently because otherwise I wouldn't get my BB goals or the Mystery Chart completed! hehe The name and link to the Mystery Chart will be revealed eventually! I hope everyone is enjoying watching it take shape, and by not knowing exactly where it's going that the process becomes more intriguing to follow :) I'm glad you like the mystery chart idea and think that would be an exciting thing for you to do!!! I would definitely enjoy watching you do this on your blog ;)

  2. Looks wonderful, well done!!

  3. Great progress on both, I'm enjoying the mystery stitch too!

  4. I'm loving Treasure Hunt Bookshelf, that's stunning!

  5. This is such a beautiful pattern! I know the confetti can be arduous, but it's so worth it in the end!

    1. Thanks Rachel! There are moments where the confetti is enjoyable as well so it's not all bleak! :) It's just different level of confetti than what I'm used to... but I guess its always good to challenge yourself ;)

  6. Beautiful progress Megan, you willl see that all that confetti will be worth it. :)

  7. You absolutely choose beautiful designs, I surely love your HEAD projects!! I think I might try the mystery chart ones, great idea for a blog as well :-)

    1. Thank you so much Els, glad you like them!


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