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I finished Umbrella Sky in time to enter the Heaven & Earth Rewards Program (runs until the end of August).   The chart I picked for the reward is Iris Keeper of the Rainbow by Josephine Wall.   I seem to be getting quite a collection now! This is a huge chart at 450x600 stitches!

I think it will be awhile before I start Iris...

I almost completed half a page of Josephine's Spirit of Flight.  However, looking at it last night have decided I need to restart using different fabric.  I started it on 22 count Charles Craft hardanger fabric and definitely prefer the quality of the Zweigart branded hardanger I used on Umbrella...   
Dahlig was also a very different stitch to Jo Wall!  The blocks of color in Dahlig pattern were easier to make look neat on the 22ct hardanger.  However, when you add a whole lot of confetti into the picture it makes it more difficult.   I thinking I will get some 20 count Aida or Bellana...  The stitches need slightly more room with this degree of confetti.  I have noticed in the Jo Wall facebook group many people are stitching on Aida.  I'm open to any fabric suggestions! ;)      


  1. Sorry won't be ant help in fabric choice department. I started my 'QS Literate Dragon' on 22 count (aida I think) and I absolutely hate it. Mainly as I am a lazy stitcher and when stitching a cross I sort of pin the fabric (insert inwards and outwards at the same time). This does not work with 22 as the stitches disappear unless in and out done separately. I have count 20 Bellana (but haven't tried it). 18 count is my preferred size for HAED at the moment. And evenweave 28 or 32 (over 2) for non-HAED. Good luck!

  2. Hi Lija, Thanks for your comment :) I'm stitching Treasure Hunt on 18 count Adia and loving that fabric... I was concerned about the size of the end product on 18 count, so I ended up ordering 20 count Adia. I think the stitches sit nicer on Adia than Hardanger. The use of the four strands in the Adia fabric weave (as opposed to two in the hardanger weave) makes a difference. The fabric pinning technique sounds like a timesaver :)


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