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Some More Mystery...

Here is my progress on the Mystery Chart!  There are still so many confetti stitches to fill in!

Previous progress:
 photo update_zpsfskxwkuk.jpg
Current progress:
 photo IMG_4833_zpszdtpgkob.jpg

Also I've made a decent start on the first page of the Phelan Chart.  Her hair is coming across very orange but hopefully should tone down a bit once the surrounding colours are stitched.

This one is being tented on 18 count cream davosa fabric with a variable amount of strands (3-5 depending on colour):
 photo PHELAN2_zpsoeoatqis.png

Freddy Werner's Butterfly Chart Finish

A big thanks to Freddy Werner for sharing her stitching progress on the butterfly chart (available on the downloads page). It has been a joy to watch it take shape! I love her use of variegated thread as I think it gives the piece a great sense of movement.  Freddy has plans to make the butterfly into a cushion, it may be showcased in an exhibition and will get a spot on her stitchy couch! :D
Congratulations on your beautiful finish Freddy:

Freddy's Butterfly (shared with permission):

Stitched on 16 count Adia 2 over 1
From 13th July to 16 September (with exams and study in between ;) )
Please see Freddy's Instagram Page for more photos of the butterfly and her other stitching projects.

 photo 12076427_997759033581006_1427829221_o_zpsztbf5gvv.jpg

Electric Blue… Halloween Freebie

I wanted to give away a new freebie for Halloween.  I was thinking of charting a spider or pumpkin or something creepy… A new butterfly seemed much more fun to work on though, so I charted another of those instead!   Thanks to Craftmanspace for the Butterfly image (used with permission).

Please click on the picture to download chart (if you want to! ;) )

 photo Electricbluecover_zps1lmzabtl.png

This one could be stitched as a companion to the original butterfly chart.  However,  it's about 50 stitches wider and 50 stitches longer because it's more detailed.  If stitched on a higher count fabric it will balance with the original butterfly in terms of size.  Again, I would love to see and share pictures if anyone decides to stitch it!

Happy Stitching!

 photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Beautiful progress on your stitching!

    1. Thanks Ingrid! It's slow going with the Mystery Chart at the moment but hoping to get heaps more completed before the end of the month. :D

  2. Love!! All of them!! Thank you for the new chart!

  3. Your mystery chart is really gorgeous!

  4. Lovely progress on your pieces! Thanks for the new chart I'll have to stitch these up soon. Probably after Halloween banners. I love the variegated thread version it's what I was planning on doing with mine.

    1. Thanks Heather! Using variegated thread is an awesome idea :)


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