Iris Keeper of the Rainbow, New Start

Here is my start on Iris Keeper of the Rainbow. After all the navy stitches in Nocturne I have really enjoyed using some brighter threads! Although I should probably be posting something dark and scary in light of Halloween Celebrations :)  I am enjoying stitching this one on 20 count Aida (2 over 1, full cross).  Happy Halloween and stitching!
  photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg
 Start of Confetti Section:  photo confetti_zps2c8baf25.jpg
Page One Finished:  photo FinishedIris_zps733cf853.jpg


  1. Love the colors, I'm thinking of doing the Storykeep of her.

    1. Thanks Stitching Angel! The Storykeep would be a lovely piece to stitch :)

  2. Beautiful stitching! I can see why you love the colors!

  3. Thanks Annie! There is a bit more of a purple tone down the left side that the camera wouldn't seem to capture, but then maybe it's just the screen I'm viewing it on :)

  4. JW designs are so rich and colourful and I love this stitching so far. Well done! :)


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